Monday, April 26, 2010

Guy Fleming Trail, Torrey Pines

I seriously think whoever decides where the group runs will be for Team in Training must be on the San Diego tourism committee. Another spectacular run, this time from the Torrey Pines Golf course to the Guy Fleming Trail, which was the Rave Run in March's Runner's World magazine.

We started from the gorgeous golf course which has rolling hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean- which was in and of itself spectacular. I would have been happy just staying there. We ran along the fence alongside the road, which went into a paved bike route and unpaved trails going off from there. I was tempted to do the beach trail, but I read that it was a steep hill down to the ocean- umm, no thanks. The Guy Fleming trail was recommended for me, which is about a mile long about halfway down the hill. Let me preface the Torrey Pines run to it being known as the dreaded hill run, and if you can make it up that run successfully, you can make it through any race.

As I was running down the hill to the trail, I was just amazed by the view- I was next to the cliffs, with the ocean to my left and high above the highways of San Diego to my right. When I got to the trail, it was a sandy trail roped off for one person at a time along the edge of a cliff, in the woods with Torrey Pines and cactuses and blue and yellow wild flowers all around. Then the forest cleared and there was the Pacific Ocean. Oh my god. I started hyperventilating and almost puked, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Such a strange reaction to puke by beauty! The rest of the run was on the side of a cliff, with the cliff and wild flowers above and beside me to the left, and the Pacific Ocean on a sharp drop below me to the right. I had to stop several times just to catch my breath and I admit it, I started crying because it was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was exactly what I imagine heaven to look like- sort of like what was filmed in "What Dreams May Come."

The hill back up was rough, but well worth it for the amazing trail. I can't wait for people to come in from out of town so I can show them this place- and heard it was even more spectacular with the sunset. I can't even imagine.

Distance: 3 miles

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Treadmill Run

The Rock n' Roll marathon is in (GASP) SIX WEEKS! OH MY GOD!!!!
Okay, no more excuses, I've got to follow the schedule to the T until game day. Which meant a half hour on the treadmill today, even though I would have much rather had a lazy Sunday. It's bittersweet knowing that the end is near- I've so enjoyed meeting all the Team in Training people, seeing such a beautiful side of San Diego, and working to raise money for something so important to me. I'm also so glad that I'm actually running again, and look forward to doing 5Ks on a regular basis and will probably join the San Diego track club (even though they'll run rings around me).

My beloved Pandora was not working so I was a captive audience to Jack Lalayne's Juicer infomercial- by the end of it I was completely convinced I need one!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Torrey Pines

Had a great run this morning with Team in Training, after two weeks of no running (I know, I'm a loser) because of the new job that's taking all my time. I have to figure out how to fit in the running between the paperwork and exhaustion at the end of the day.

The day was so beautiful- since it's spring, the flowers are in full force and the drive to Torrey Pines was gorgeous. And it's just breathtaking there- probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. The run started at the bottom of the hill in the Penasquitos Marsh reserve, and we jogged up (and up!) the hill, along the Pacific Ocean to the road, where we then ran down Torrey Pines Blvd to the Del Mar dog beach. WOW! I hadn't known that we were going to run to Del Mar, so when we got out of a gorgeous housing development and I saw the ocean, I literally had to catch my breath!

I ran with three other nice girls (I'm amazed I was able to keep up with them, considering my training has been so sporatic) who all had done the Peace Corps. Add that to the list of why I love Team in Training, I meet the coolest people! We did intervals of 6 minute run, 2 minute walk...the six minute run was a bit long for me, but I LOVE the two minute recovery! On the way back from Del Mar, just as I headed into Torrey Pines, I stopped for a moment to drink it all in. I was in the middle of some flower fields, overlooking the cliffs and the ocean, and I started crying because I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of Torrey Pines. I'm a sap, I know! Running makes me happy to be alive.

Distance: 6.1 miles

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Five Miles in La Mesa

I haven't posted in a while, due to a new job (finally!), traveling to NY for my beautiful nephew and godson's christening, and general procrastination. I am gradually healing from my plethora of running injuries, so going out cautiously and with some trepidation. I made the decision to switch to the half marathon because I've lost so much time training- an extremely difficult decision, but a realistic one.

Today we ran in La Mesa, which is east of where I live and usually sweltering hot- it wasn't today, thank goodness. We met at Moving Shoes then ran around Lake Murray and back, doing 4 minute run, 1 minute walk. Since I wasn't quite up to doing 8.4 miles with the A group (my slow lighting running partners) I pulled off the loop and went back at El Paso. I think it was 5 miles but it was probably a bit funny to say, "I ONLY went five miles today."

I really am enjoying training with the Team. It took a little bit to know people, but now that we're 2 months in, we're all more comfortable with each other and it's fun to hang out together after the run for stretching and chit chatting.

This past Wednesday I was able to go to the Balboa run and did 3 miles around the museums. The weather was perfect (70?), the flowers were fragrant, and I was running around amazing artwork. That's what I love about running- it makes me happy to be alive.