Sunday, June 6, 2010

San Diego Rock n' Roll Half Marathon- COMPLETE!

It is absolutely amazing to think that I am DONE for the season- after five months of blood, sweat and tears and injury I finally finished the race I had been training for- this morning! And I can't believe I didn't break my toe or fall down the stairs or have some other traumatic injury the night before!

I can't begin to stress how amazing and fun the Team and Training inspiration dinner was last night. It was held at the Hilton Bayfront, and we entered the dinner to a ROAR of the mentors, coaches and LLS cheering us on in full regalia- men in drag, people with cowbells, everyone screaming- it was unbelievable, what an incredible moment! They then had John "The Penguin" Bingham speak. He was sooo funny and so inspirational. But most inspiring was having a woman from the NYC office speak about how she did the Rock n' Roll San Diego last year while her father was having chemotherapy treatments at a hospital along the marathon route- and showed a photo of him watching her run from the hospital rooftop. He then got up to speak, and the audience roared. I was also honored to sit with the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER for most miles run in 7 consecutive days, Mike Sheehy, who raised $43,000 by doing so. And all in all, the 4000 Team and Training members from chapters all over the country raised TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS by doing this race! GO TEAM!

After a very sleepless night I got up at 3:15 am to get ready for the day. Luckily I've gotten up at the crack of dawn every Saturday for the past five months to run, so I knew what to do as far as what to eat, what to wear, etc. I had everything set out just in case I was brain dead in the morning, which I was. It was pitch black at 4:45 am when I got to the start at Balboa Park where everyone was meeting and after searching for about 20 minutes I finally found my team!

I was absolutely delighted that I was able to find my training partner this season, Sara. She has been training and fundraising in honor of her dad who is going through treatment for Leukemia now, and so we're bonded through our fathers- and of course having the same pace. She's a rock star fundraiser, which means that she raised $1000 over and above her fundraising goal, and so got to wear a singlet with a big star on the back of her shirt- as well as tickets to seaworld, etc. Believe me, that singlet was a life saver because whenever I lost her in the crowd I just looked for that big huge star. I felt like I was a kid in a grocery store half the race- like where's my rock star? It was absolutely amazing to be able to do the race with her.
Here we are waiting at the port o pottie line, which is where we spent most of the morning as the line was a half hour long.

Here are all the girls that have been training together all season long on the Green team. Sometimes I ran with all of them, sometimes I ran with one or two on one of the mentor runs...we're the "5 minute run, 1 minute walk" girls. It was a such a pleasure to start with so many of them in corral 36, aka the slow paced group. Since the race started off in waves according to pace and corrals, it took a good fifty minutes before we went across the start line!

I love the sea of purple!!!

Here are the marathoners that started before us!
Getting closer to that starting line!
On Highway 163. That was one long highway to run on! My favorite aid station was where the army members were in camoflage handing out water to us. I felt very honored!

The first few miles were very difficult, as it was very muggy and I was pretty dehydrated and didn't get much (if any) sleep. I really didn't know if I would make it or not- was pretty delirious, woozy, etc. I had a gel at mile three and it really pepped me up, thank god, then the next five miles went pretty well. I appreciated the men on bikes at the top of a big hill on 163 who kept a mantra of "Take this time to stretch. Be careful on the downhill. Relax. Breathe through your nose. Take it easy." On the downhill we (Darcy, Sara and me) ran into the assistant coach David, who ran with us for about a half mile and checked in with how we were feeling. At this point Darcy's knee was hurting and Sara's foot had stabbing pain, but I felt good because we were going downhill. Uphill was another story!

Right before 163 was the Mission Mile, where there are signs of honored patients up to remind us why we are here. I also thought it was funny because there was a mile of people waiting for the port o potty! Unfortunately our waiting for it caused us to be among the walkers and we had to weave through them for quite a while.

Cheerleaders along the course. My favorite were the men in drag doing the cheering!

Gotta love the big huge guitar player! This is really a Rock n' Roll marathon!

Darcy asked me to take a photo of her with this woman. I love the sign!

Sara's mom, boyfriend and friends were at mile 8 on Friar's Road. It really put a pep in her step!

John and Kristen were at mile 10 with these awesome signs they made with hot glue and glitter. Gotta love it! They were so psyched to see me after waiting for over an hour (or two?) but at least they were waiting by a band! John was absolutely giddy!

Me after 10 miles. I was so happy to see my sister and my hubby!

Bye bye!
Kristen and John were cheering from top of a bridge at mile 11! Thank god we were still running!

The final push just before the finish line! We walked about 3 miles due to injuries, but at least we finished!
Hanging out with the Running Elvises at the Beer Garden after the race. Gotta love it!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy playing for us at the finish line. They were SOOO good and even though I could barely walk because of blisters and my legs felt like they were sawed in two by chafing, I was having a great time dancing!

At the finish!
YEOW! My finish medal, which is so heavy! Thanks to my friends and family I was able to raise $100 per mile and finished in about 3:37 give or take a minute or two (it would have been a lot faster if we didn't stop at those port o potties!). This was for you, Daddy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two days Until the Big Race!!!

Had an action packed filled morning, starting with getting up at 4 am to make the NBC morning news. They had a segment on the Rock n Roll marathon and wanted to include some Team in Training members to illustrate their story. I was told to get there by 5:45, not realizing the segment started AT 5:45- lesson learned, I need to show up a half hour early for television spots! I got there at 5:46 so just stood along the sidelines as they did their segment outside the NBC studios with John "The Penguin" Bingham, TNTers and running Elvises. The link is here . More then anything I really wanted to meet The Penguin, whose running column I've always loved in Runner's World- about being a back of the pack runner (ah, HELLO!) and doing races for the enjoyment of them and not to win/ break any time records. I was pleasantly surprised to find how friendly and down to earth he was, and he was absolutely delighted when I gave him a Penguin stuffed animal from my company, Ganz. We took group pictures and he had that penguin front and center, and asked for my photo with him so he could put it up on his facebook page.

Since I was late and the PR person for the Rock n' Roll marathon took pity on me (or so I think), he told us of another press opportunity with the local news KUSI Channel 9 at the finish line for the race a half hour later. So my Team in Training teammates hopped in our cars and did a caravan over to the Seaworld parking lot. It was nice to meet the news anchor Bridget Naso, who was very funny and easy to talk to. I also found it interesting that when they are speaking on the news they have someone talking in their ear telling them what to say- it's got to be very confusing! The news was a lot of hurry up and wait- they did a segment at 6:30 am and again at 7 am, basically talking about the course, how they added a half marathon, and their new finish line. One of our Team in Training teammates also talked briefly about how the San Diego chapter raised $700,000 for this race (!!!).

While we were waiting to go on camera I got to know the other TNTers who were on the different teams of the San Diego chapter. One was doing TNT because a friend died of leukemia, another, Erik, was a consultant for medical research and pharmaceuticals, and the third, George, has had leukemia for the past ten years. George has been going through chemotherapy again, and just had a treatment two weeks ago, and a blood transfusion two (?) days ago AND is doing the marathon on Sunday. Okay, I'm done bitching about how hard it is!

After we were done with the news segment George and Erik and I headed to the Hilton Resort on Fiesta Island (wow, what a place!) to cheer on another Team in Training teammate, Mike Sheehy, who is trying to break a Guinness World Record for most miles run in 7 consecutive days, ending by doing the Rock n' Roll Marathon on Sunday. Basically doing two marathon distances plus 12 miles for good measure a day. WOW! You can see his blog here. He wanted to raise $30K for the Leukemia Society by doing the run and is now up to $42K on his fifth day so his new goal is $50K. He's such an inspiration! I got a chance to see him run as he was finishing up mile 14 this morning (and 304 miles in five days) and he looked completely refreshed and was as if he was running on air- like, la la la, so fun! Let me just tell you, I have NEVER looked so good running as he did after running 304 miles! He is also on the front page of the sports section of the Union Tribune too : ). I was especially touched by this blog post by the woman who inspired Mike to do marathons for Team in Training because of her bout with leukemia.

So excited, scared, nervous and thrilled to be doing the race on Sunday, I can barely concentrate on anything else! I'm looking forward to the expo tomorrow to pick up my race number!!! : )
Practicing my finish line photo at the ACTUAL finish line!

Team in Training Teammates, the anchorwoman for KUSI Bridget Naso, George, and Erik- ready for our closeup!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Long Run Before The Race!

Today was our last long run before the BIG race in 8 days! It's almost here! I alternate between jumping out of my seat in excitement and wanting to puke from anxiety!

We met at Kellogg Park at La Jolla Shores with the purple and north teams (since the San Diego chapter has so many people training for Rock n' Roll, we break out into three teams- I'm on the green) to do six miles and discuss the race logistics afterwards. It was such a beautiful place to meet, right on the ocean although who ever decided this would be our last run before the race was a cruel person, ha ha ha! It was almost all hills, including some REALLY steep hills, so needless to say I was walking a fair amount of it. We went from the La Jolla Shores to just beyond the Children's Pond where the seals are. Did I say how much I love training here? I actually felt pretty great, although I played it safe and walked back from the aid station and kept my ankle wrapped up in an ace bandage for the run. If I could wrap myself up in bubble wrap until the race to keep myself from getting injured again I would!

On the walk back, I saw a couple in a pickup truck hanging out with their cockatoo. I asked if I could take his picture, and just then the bird walked over to me and landed on my arm, fluffed his feathers, bounced and said, "Happy bird! Happy bird!" What an amazing moment- the couple were so happy and so was I, and they took my picture while the bird said, "Pretty Bird!" Training for this with Team in Training has given me so many moments of grace and extreme beauty, not to mention happiness!

After the run, we were given the run down on the race and final information. Alisha, the LLS coordinator told us to practice our finish line photo (arms UP!) and whenever you're lagging during the race to practice it! Coach Ronnie told us that this week first and foremost we are an athlete and to take it easy on the booze (lesson learned from last week) and hydrate hydrate hydrate. No heels, wear athletic shoes if we can all week, take it easy at work, and don't wear new clothes, shoes, or eat anything new for the race.

We're meeting at 5:15 am (yes, you read that right) at the start by the UPS trucks. We were told to first wait in line at the port a pottie and then when we are done, go back in the line and THEN meet with the team. Spending $100 on Brooks items to use their VIP potties sounds awfully tempting right now! If we're going to take the shuttle from Qualcomm, we have to be there by 4:00 am. Major sucking up to my sister and husband for a ride to the race line begins NOW.

So far the San Diego team has raised over $700,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!!

The view from my run/walk back from the aid station. Not bad!

Our awesome coach Ronnie telling us that we are meeting at 5:15 am at the starting line. Yay!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twelve Days Till The Marathon!

And....I'm training by spinning! My left ankle is still a bit swollen and the top is also sore, some sort of overuse injury by doing the 12 mile run I'm sure- or 9 miles in beaten up trail shoes, take your pick. I was thinking of running on the treadmill but I don't want to take any chances since the race is so close. I'm soooo bummed that I can't run and I'm losing my training/ endurance/ chance for getting faster but such is life. Better to cross train and get my cardio in by doing the eliptical or spinning class.

I do have to say that I enjoy spinning. The instructor is this cute little thing that sweats her butt off and sporatically yells, "C'mon. You can do this!" "You got this- just one more minute." "Come on come on..." I think during the race I'll think of her voice saying, "you got this- you can do this!" There's something really nice about the group of us all biking at the same cadence, to the same music, collective consciousness. I also think the reason why spinning is easy(ish) to me versus running is because I am not pounding 150+ pounds on the road with a stationary bike...

Monday, May 24, 2010


The half marathon is just under two weeks! Yay! My ankle is still really bothering me! Boo!

A weird throbbing pain, just above my inside left ankle bone. Odds are it's my shin splints that have been haunting me all season. My left achilles heel problem has also been rearing it's ugly head, which stinks since I barely ran three miles on Saturday. So bizarre to have the run in less then two weeks and not do any running for fear of hurting myself further. I took the week off in between runs, which sucked for my cardio on Saturday, but didn't seem to help with re-injuring myself. I do think jumping from 6 miles to 9 miles then to 12 miles from one weekend to the next just did a number on me. I'm wondering if I just do spinning before the half marathon counts?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Went to Vacation Isle for our long run today, only six miles (how funny to say "only 6") as a taper for our race in TWO WEEKS. There weren't as many people there- I think people are still pretty banged up from the long run last week, or they figured they could do the six miles on their own. Much easier to do six miles solo then 20! Everyone was also a bit more subdued too, tired. For myself, I'm ready for the race to get here and a bit tired from a long season.

I ran with my awesome running partner Sara, but I felt like CRAP! She had said she heard the first ten minutes are always the hardest because of your blood glucose level, and then after that your body goes into it's reserves...something like that. So I felt like crap the first ten minutes, then twenty minutes, then felt like I was going to puke for another mile. Finally I said it's just not my day and had Sara go on with the others as I walked to the aid station to get a powerbar and some citromax and walked back with another injured teammate. In the name of full disclosure I was still most likely hungover from Thursday night when I went out with my awesome Happy Hour Crew. Lesson learned, NO MORE WINE until AFTER race day. Wow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spirit Award

I forgot to mention, on April 3rd I got the Green Team's weekly Team in Training spirit award! It was because of my volunteering on the aid station when I was injured, the video I made for the Team, and blog...and I like to think overall enthusiasm for Team in Training. As a reward I got to wear this absolutely ridiculous and AWESOME hat which is covered in flair for a week and add my own bit of fabulousness- which was sewing on a little plush Shrek at the top.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Eye of the Tiger

We met at Crown Point this morning to do our longest run of the season before the big race, 12.1 miles for the half marathoners and 20 miles for the marathoners. HOLY MOLY! I was super nervous about doing it since my shin splints were acting up again after the last long run (no doubt due to wearing worn out trail running shoes) and twisting my ankle on Thursday, so I figured I would run a couple miles, walk back and suck it up until the next long run.

Since I'm a member of the "A" half marathon team (meaning, we're the slow group) we had a staggered start of 7:15 alongside the "C" marathon team (rockstars) versus the 6:15 start of the "A" full marathon team. There's a core group of about 6 other runners who I've been running with all season, sharing easy conversations and keeping each other distracted from the run. I particularly love running with Sarah, who I met on one of our first runs as a team- there's something really nice about finding someone who is your pace. Lately since I lost time due to injuries, she's gotten faster then me so I'm usually about 100 yards behind her. Today since we were both nursing minor problems we decided to stick together for as long as we could, and walk back if we felt anything act up.

The run started in Crown point, which is the southern (?) end of Mission Bay, along the Mission Bay boardwalk, into Pacific Beach and along the boardwalk and back. Sarah and I unofficially named the run "The Run to the Potty and Back" since we ran 6 miles to her house to use the bathroom which just so happened to be two blocks from the turnaround. It was a beautiful run- so many things to look at, between the ocean, the incredible houses along the boardwalk, the various dogs with their owners, the woman who jogged in a teeny sports bra and rolled down running shorts so we could see a little TOO much...eeek! I'm dying to go back for breakfast and more people watching.

I can't say that the run felt great- I felt crummy for about a third of it. Weird things started acting up- I was like, HELLO hips, hello right ankle, hello calves! Luckily we took some stretching breaks during our 5 minute run/ 1 minute walk intervals which helped. And I did get into a groove of the running where it was like a moving meditation, effortless. When I was training for the marathon back in 1999 that's what I loved the most- it would take me two hours to finally stop thinking about work and just get into the run.

By some act of God, Sarah and I FINISHED RUNNING 12.1 MILES! We were both absolutely shocked, thrilled and speaking for myself, slightly disoriented. We did the run in about 3 hours, talking the whole way. There's something to be said about running alongside someone for three hours- I think we're going to be friends for life : ). We talked about running the marathon together, which I would really, really love! It was great to see mentor Tina at the end, giving us a high five as we finished the run and joined the rest of the group. It was also amazing to see my other teammates come to the end after their 12 or 20 miles, elated and exhausted and so proud of themselves and each other!

The halfway point around Sarah's home in Pacific Beach- sooo beautiful!

The wooden rollercoaster in Mission Bay- personally, I think it looks like a death trap.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Injury Prevention, anyone?

I twisted my ankle AGAIN and therefore has been icing, wrapping and elevating it. No fun. It's amazing how something that happens within a split second can hurt for hours and days afterwards! : (

Have been taking it easy this week otherwise, I think I was out of my mind thinking I could go from 6 miles to 9 miles without some sort of repercussion. Mine were in the form of my left achilles heel acting up again, as well as my shin splints in my left leg. Oh, and the twisted and slightly swollen ankle is also on my left side- I am assuming it was weak already which made it so easy to get re-injured. So I didn't run at all this week, just walked and did some biking at the gym. Bummed out, wanted to do the Harbor run tonight with the group as the season's winding down, but I knew that I would just be asking for trouble if I did.

Tomorrow is the longest run before the half marathon, 12 miles. We'll see how my ankle looks before attempting it. Boo, hiss.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to the Gym

Since I did 9.2 miles yesterday (yeah, that's RIGHT!) my shins are barking- but only when I walk. It's a sharp pain that thankfully stops when I get off my feet. Time to ice up and do some RICE.

Went to the gym today and tried to get some use of the membership dues I've been paying- I'm lucky if I get in twice a month- and spent about a half hour on the bike. Was happily surprised that AOL radio that I downloaded on my Iphone had my favorite radio station on there, how bizarre? Radio Woodstock, 100.1 DST. It was so great to feel connected to my home so far away.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coronado Run

I've got three weeks until the 1/2 marathon. Three weeks! Today was supposed to be a back down week and only 6 miles for the 1/2 marathon group, but since I've got to make up my miles and the longest I've really done is 6 miles, I decided to do the marathon training run and did- gasp- 9.2 miles. 9.2 very long miles, but along Coronado so I can't complain. We met at Tidelands Park at 7 am along with three other marathon training groups- I guess it's a popular place to meet!

I was doing 5 minute run, 1 minute walks, then met up with a group that was doing 6 minute miles, two minute walks and quite frankly I LOVE my recoveries so I joined them. I swiftly went to the rear (I know I'm getting faster, but so is everyone else!) and was joined by the sweeper, Tina, who helped me go for miles while chatting. I said I should be the sweeper (the appointed last runner who makes sure everyone's okay) on the runs from here on in since I'm so good at it! I felt like absolute garbage the first couple miles, but then my body went, oh, okay, I guess I can do it, and I just plugged through it.

After Tina went back with the half marathon group, my buddy Joe came on as the sweeper and joined me for the other part of the run. Did I mention how much I love running with other people? It just makes the miles fly by, and so much more pleasurable. At the aid stand just before the 9.2 mile turnaround, I was going to head back but I had everyone there cheer me on to get to the turnaround point, which was two rocks leaning towards each other like a butt. Imagine hearing six people yell, "Touch the butt! Touch the butt!!" Of course it was like a mirage and so much further then it looked, but it was awfully satisfying to touch the butt : )

The last three miles I was joined by the TNT mentor David, who is doing the Rock n' Roll marathon on a hand bike. I had never really talked to him before, just knew he was from Indiana and was very friendly, and whenever he goes by me in the handbike it makes me go faster. Turns out this is his twentieth race with Team in Training and has been part of the group since 1998. He had done numerous marathons and two ironman triathlons and in 2001 (?) he did the Alaska marathon with TNT, went hiking a few days later, fell, and crushed several vertibae in his spinal cord. He said he had done NYC the year before, and when he was in Alaska was supposed to do NYC so was able to transfer his entry to his nurse, and did the race the next year in his hand bike.

I can't even begin to tell you what an inspiration David is. He has a wonderful, cheerful outlook on life, and while we did the last three miles together he was telling me all about his races. He was also constantly checking on me- how are my feet, how are my made me want to cry (I did a little but hopefully I was able to hide it). I feel so blessed to have been able to spend that time with David.

Afterwards we went as a group to the Beach N' Diner on Orange Ave in Coronado for a celebratory breakfast! Here's Assistant Coach David having his post run meal of chicken n' waffles and a chocolate shake- ummm!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Running With the Dog

I was supposed to run five miles tonight, which I knew I wouldn't be able to because it was a long day at work- and honestly who can do five miles by themselves, with no ipod? My beloved Pandora is no longer working on my iphone, which is a tragic, tragic thing. I was heading off to the gym when Bailey, my sister's big, 90 pound lab, was bouncing off the ceiling and I realized he needed a run.

Granted, I had never run with Bailey. And he had never run with a person while attached to a harness. So it was a "learning experience". At first it was good- albeit hard to keep up with a dog that's naturally faster then I am, times ten. It was fun to run with him, not to mention I felt safe since he's almost as big as I am. I did 4 minute runs with 1 minute stops, which he really appreciated. Then he would stop abruptly while running to sniff other dog's pee, which is no good for my injury prone self. Then he took a large dump, (did I say what a large dog he was?) and I did the rest of the run while having dog poop wafting in my nose.

I think it was about 2 miles, walking for half of it when I saw Bailey foaming at the mouth. Nothing to write home about, but at least I was out there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fanual Park, Mission Bay

Had a great 3 mile run tonight alongside Mission Bay with another Team in Training teammate, Holly. Great to have a training partner to run with who is patient and doesn't mind going slow with me. She's really nice and very smart- so much like my old high school friend Krista Wilson. So wild to spend time with someone who looks and acts so much like someone I was close with 20 years ago!

Glad to say the run went very well, did 5 minute run, 1 minute walks on the boardwalk along Mission Bay which was flat as a pancake.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Guy Fleming Trail, Torrey Pines

I seriously think whoever decides where the group runs will be for Team in Training must be on the San Diego tourism committee. Another spectacular run, this time from the Torrey Pines Golf course to the Guy Fleming Trail, which was the Rave Run in March's Runner's World magazine.

We started from the gorgeous golf course which has rolling hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean- which was in and of itself spectacular. I would have been happy just staying there. We ran along the fence alongside the road, which went into a paved bike route and unpaved trails going off from there. I was tempted to do the beach trail, but I read that it was a steep hill down to the ocean- umm, no thanks. The Guy Fleming trail was recommended for me, which is about a mile long about halfway down the hill. Let me preface the Torrey Pines run to it being known as the dreaded hill run, and if you can make it up that run successfully, you can make it through any race.

As I was running down the hill to the trail, I was just amazed by the view- I was next to the cliffs, with the ocean to my left and high above the highways of San Diego to my right. When I got to the trail, it was a sandy trail roped off for one person at a time along the edge of a cliff, in the woods with Torrey Pines and cactuses and blue and yellow wild flowers all around. Then the forest cleared and there was the Pacific Ocean. Oh my god. I started hyperventilating and almost puked, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of it. Such a strange reaction to puke by beauty! The rest of the run was on the side of a cliff, with the cliff and wild flowers above and beside me to the left, and the Pacific Ocean on a sharp drop below me to the right. I had to stop several times just to catch my breath and I admit it, I started crying because it was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was exactly what I imagine heaven to look like- sort of like what was filmed in "What Dreams May Come."

The hill back up was rough, but well worth it for the amazing trail. I can't wait for people to come in from out of town so I can show them this place- and heard it was even more spectacular with the sunset. I can't even imagine.

Distance: 3 miles

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Treadmill Run

The Rock n' Roll marathon is in (GASP) SIX WEEKS! OH MY GOD!!!!
Okay, no more excuses, I've got to follow the schedule to the T until game day. Which meant a half hour on the treadmill today, even though I would have much rather had a lazy Sunday. It's bittersweet knowing that the end is near- I've so enjoyed meeting all the Team in Training people, seeing such a beautiful side of San Diego, and working to raise money for something so important to me. I'm also so glad that I'm actually running again, and look forward to doing 5Ks on a regular basis and will probably join the San Diego track club (even though they'll run rings around me).

My beloved Pandora was not working so I was a captive audience to Jack Lalayne's Juicer infomercial- by the end of it I was completely convinced I need one!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Torrey Pines

Had a great run this morning with Team in Training, after two weeks of no running (I know, I'm a loser) because of the new job that's taking all my time. I have to figure out how to fit in the running between the paperwork and exhaustion at the end of the day.

The day was so beautiful- since it's spring, the flowers are in full force and the drive to Torrey Pines was gorgeous. And it's just breathtaking there- probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. The run started at the bottom of the hill in the Penasquitos Marsh reserve, and we jogged up (and up!) the hill, along the Pacific Ocean to the road, where we then ran down Torrey Pines Blvd to the Del Mar dog beach. WOW! I hadn't known that we were going to run to Del Mar, so when we got out of a gorgeous housing development and I saw the ocean, I literally had to catch my breath!

I ran with three other nice girls (I'm amazed I was able to keep up with them, considering my training has been so sporatic) who all had done the Peace Corps. Add that to the list of why I love Team in Training, I meet the coolest people! We did intervals of 6 minute run, 2 minute walk...the six minute run was a bit long for me, but I LOVE the two minute recovery! On the way back from Del Mar, just as I headed into Torrey Pines, I stopped for a moment to drink it all in. I was in the middle of some flower fields, overlooking the cliffs and the ocean, and I started crying because I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of Torrey Pines. I'm a sap, I know! Running makes me happy to be alive.

Distance: 6.1 miles

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Five Miles in La Mesa

I haven't posted in a while, due to a new job (finally!), traveling to NY for my beautiful nephew and godson's christening, and general procrastination. I am gradually healing from my plethora of running injuries, so going out cautiously and with some trepidation. I made the decision to switch to the half marathon because I've lost so much time training- an extremely difficult decision, but a realistic one.

Today we ran in La Mesa, which is east of where I live and usually sweltering hot- it wasn't today, thank goodness. We met at Moving Shoes then ran around Lake Murray and back, doing 4 minute run, 1 minute walk. Since I wasn't quite up to doing 8.4 miles with the A group (my slow lighting running partners) I pulled off the loop and went back at El Paso. I think it was 5 miles but it was probably a bit funny to say, "I ONLY went five miles today."

I really am enjoying training with the Team. It took a little bit to know people, but now that we're 2 months in, we're all more comfortable with each other and it's fun to hang out together after the run for stretching and chit chatting.

This past Wednesday I was able to go to the Balboa run and did 3 miles around the museums. The weather was perfect (70?), the flowers were fragrant, and I was running around amazing artwork. That's what I love about running- it makes me happy to be alive.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rubio's Fundraiser For The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Stop by Rubios for some dinner and their world famous fish tacos, then go see an IMAX movie at Edwards Cinema next door! Make it a family night or date night! Bring this flyer in to Rubios and the Leukemia Society will receive 20% of your purchase! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, April 14th
3 pm- close
Rubio's - Mira Mesa
10714 Westview Pkwy., San Diego, CA 92126

Flyer can be used for dine in or take out! Ummm, fish tacos!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aid Station

You may have noticed I have not posted in a while due to still nursing injuries...went to a chiropractor and got inserts, and then when my shin splints were still throbbing went to a sports medicine family doctor to get them looked at and x-rayed to rule out hairline fractures. Lovely. Have been trying to make up for the lack of running (was told to take two weeks off) by swimming, using the elyptical trainer and taking spin classes- supposedly an hour of spinning has the same cardiovascular benefit as running 5 miles. Hmm...spinning is not that difficult for me whereas running 5 miles is like- well, it's not easy.

The team went on a trolley run, where they took over two trolleys used just for Team in Training runners, were dropped off at another trolley location, and ran back. I thought it was so cool and disappointed I couldn't join them! I figured since I couldn't do the run, I would at least help out, so I did an aid station at mile five (and then again at mile seven) for the runners doing the half marathon. It was nice to be able to talk to everyone, and performed some first aid on a runner that wiped out on the sidewalk. I think I'll be carrying some neosporine with me on my runs from now on!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honored Patient Picnic

We met at Vacation Isle by Sea World this morning to do our long run- although I ended up walking 3 miles with my new orthotic insoles because I still have problems with shin splints and swollen ankles : (

Afterwards we had a Hawaiin themed picnic with three honored patients. Very heart breaking and inspirational stories.

Thought I'd share a video I made from the photographs I took from the picnic-enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spread the Word for Charity!

I am always looking for ways to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and was just contacted by Hotels Combined looking to contribute. Word up! They are currently working on spreading the word about their company, the world's leading hotel price comparison engine, by donating money to the charity of your choice when you mention them on your blog, twitter update, or become a fan of theirs on Facebook. Sign me up! What a terrific way to advertise- charities get much needed funds, and they get the word out! You can do the same as explained here.

I just went on Hotels Combined and found it very easy to use- I typed in New York, NY (typically the highest priced city to travel to) and it gave me a list of hotels and their prices. When I clicked again on a hotel image it gave a further price comparison between various hotel sites (ie as well as an overview, map, photos and reviews. A very handy tool, especially for someone who loves to travel as much as I do!

Thank you for your help in the fight to cure cancer, Hotels Combined! You rock!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Injured AGAIN!

YES, as a matter of fact, those ARE ace bandages on both of my feet! I'm starting to get really, really weary with the amount of times I have been injured since starting the training. My body is saying, really Kelly, do you REALLY need to be doing this race? Can't we just stay inside and have some tea? Today the problem is that my left achilles is acting up again, worse then ever (which surprises me since I wore the heel lifts all through the race) and my right ankle is now swollen and painful from twisting my ankle yesterday on a pothole. So it will be RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for the rest of the day today, ie sporting the frozen veggies.

So far since training I have had the following issues:
Weird hip/pelvic tightness (the left front)- very odd
Left achilles problems- which sometimes goes to the right
Twisted ankle
Swollen ankles, which I think were caused by
Shin Splints
Calf cramps
Broken or sprained toe (which had nothing to do with training, just my basic klutziness)
Now I'm also having an odd thing that radiates up the inside of my leg, which I think is caused by overpronating- I wonder if taking out the inserts for pronation and putting in the heel lifts helped one thing but made issues for the other, do you know what I mean?

I think I am the role model that was used when they say that older women runners have issues with their lower extremities. Okay, enough bitching, I had to get that out!

On another note, had a very odd nightmare that woke me up this morning and thought I'd share it. No doubt it has to do with the fact that Amber Dubois's bones were found Saturday morning, and the speculation is that she was murdered by the same monster that murdered Chelsea King since it happened nearby.

I dreamt that I had come home and saw that the back door was open. Instead of LEAVING or getting into a small room and locking it behind me, I decided to call the police and unfortunately was attacked before I could dial out. I guess what my dream was trying to tell me was that if you feel like something is amiss in your home, get out immediately and call 911!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Run For Literacy 8K

Flash flood right before the start. Lovely.

Holly and Sara, two of my awesome teammates who are also running partners of mine.

Waiting for the start and hoping the rain would let up before the race. No such luck!

A portion of 163 South was closed to traffic for the race.

What a run! Run for Literacy 8K (just under 5 miles) is a fundraiser for literacy programs in San Diego. It started in Balboa Park, wound its way down Highway 163 and finished at Pantoja Park on G. Street in downtown San Diego. My race day plan was to beat the people walking with umbrellas and strollers!

It was POURING RAIN, specifically flash flood conditions before the start. Met up with about 70 of my teammates under the awning of The Hall of Champions museum in Balboa park right by the start, one of the only dry places to wait! The first mile went well, was fun to run through the park, by the museums and 6th Ave in Balboa Park. Saw one of the team captions Joe along the way, as well as my hubby who was trying to figure out where to park! My shin splints were REALLY hurting so I unfortunately had to walk for a bit- almost screamed out in pain when I stopped to stretch! Ran the last mile, twisting my ankle badly in the process on a pothole in the road. But was fantastic to cross the finish line and see my coach and teammates cheering me on. GO TEAM!

Bib: 3123
Name: Kelly Moncure
Gender: F
Age: 39
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Overall: 1677 out of 2110
Women: 965 out of 1286
F 35-39: 152 out of 198
Age/Grade: 31.44%
Place: 1753
Finish: 1:18:54 Pace: 15:53
Tag Time: 1:18:54
Gun Time: 1:21:07

15 minute miles are actually pretty good considering I only ran maybe 3? miles of it, and spent at least 10 minutes of the time waiting in line at a Sunoco for a restroom!