Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Went to Vacation Isle for our long run today, only six miles (how funny to say "only 6") as a taper for our race in TWO WEEKS. There weren't as many people there- I think people are still pretty banged up from the long run last week, or they figured they could do the six miles on their own. Much easier to do six miles solo then 20! Everyone was also a bit more subdued too, tired. For myself, I'm ready for the race to get here and a bit tired from a long season.

I ran with my awesome running partner Sara, but I felt like CRAP! She had said she heard the first ten minutes are always the hardest because of your blood glucose level, and then after that your body goes into it's reserves...something like that. So I felt like crap the first ten minutes, then twenty minutes, then felt like I was going to puke for another mile. Finally I said it's just not my day and had Sara go on with the others as I walked to the aid station to get a powerbar and some citromax and walked back with another injured teammate. In the name of full disclosure I was still most likely hungover from Thursday night when I went out with my awesome Happy Hour Crew. Lesson learned, NO MORE WINE until AFTER race day. Wow.

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